Good morning. I'm Ellie :)
Stay strong and have a lovely day!

I am currently adventuring in Disneyland! I'll be back soon! Xx

Sleep time because tired.

I got back home a few hours ago. Okay, I’m gonna rant about the travel back and then I’m gonna sleep and talk about all wonderful things tomorrow.

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Only a couple of hours away from home now. Man I have so much to write about. Mainly about the events of last night and how shit megabus is. Also some good things too :)

"I could not capture you
even if the words were written in my own
blood because this skin can only hold so
much. Because I can no longer look at you
without burning. You are too painful for poetry
and too big for language. You are far too many
things I don’t know how to write about.”
Kim Visda, excerpt from “For Lack Of A Better Poem”