Good morning. I'm Ellie :)
Stay strong and have a lovely day!
Anonymous asked: Don't you think that's a little ungrateful?

I knew this was coming tbh.

I wont be able to skip queue’s at Pleasure Beach, so I don’t think I’m gonna go :/

*Sigh* I have to get up because we’re going to Blackpool today. I’m still considering just staying home with Amber. It really depends weather or not I can skip the queues at Pleasure Beach :/

Avatar is the best. Such a great show

I was obsessed with it when I was a kid, I remember coming home from school and sitting on the floor of my living room with my dad and brother and we’d watch it then have discussions about it afterwards and I had 3 hamsters that I’d named Aang, Sokka and Zuko. Yeah I loved that show a lot >.<