Good morning. I'm Ellie :)
Stay strong and have a lovely day!

They’re not coming round any more on Monday. They just wanted to sort out my time table with me because they were really confused about exactly what it was I wanted to do since I was saying one thing and Rob and Fiona (main people involved last year) were telling them something else entirely. But my mum said that I want to do ICT and English and possible learn Piano or Violin. And they’ve said that has fine and as the year progresses they can incorporate other things like group activities or anything else but only if I want to. They’ve said they’re not going to force me to do anything I don’t want to this year, everything is on my terms. So that has made me feel a whole lot better about everything, shes going to sort my timetable out, I don’t know how many hours i’m going to be doing and who my tutors are going to be, but I don’t care. She said I have at least another week off yet anyway.

I’m stressing about this meeting on Monday so my mums going to ring them up and ask them exactly what they are planning to talk to me about so I can prepare myself and think about exactly what it is I want to say because god knows that if I go in clueless I will just say no to everything.